The international participants of the Delos Network will meet in three thematically-distinct workshops:

Delos Ideals
Themed to the Delos search for urban and environmental solutions in two directions: 1) in ancient cities and societies, and in the values and vernacular approaches of traditional societies still flourishing or under threat in the present; 2) in future-looking construction and machine technologies, computer analyses, renewable energy sources, telecommunications networks, cybernetics and nanotechnology.
– Question: how were urban and environmental ideals related to understandings and interpretations of history, tradition and technology?
Delos Practices
Themed to how the ideals of Delos were applied in many high-profile schemes across the developed and developing world in the 1960s-70s, often involving the imposition of ostensibly global solutions on sensitive regional contexts, including private and government contracts. We shall analyze the planning tools of these schemes and explore the backlash against this scale of ambition and intervention.
– Question: how were the Delos environmental ideals implemented and how were they related to post-political and supranational discourses?
Workshop 3 (May 4, 2019, Loughborough, UK)
Delos Now
This workshop builds upon the earlier ones to explore the legacy of Delos in contemporary environmental thinking and environmentally-conscious design, assessing its lessons – positive and negative – for now and the future, and will also explore the next stage of activities for the network.
– Question: how do the preoccupations, themes and environmental solutions explored at the Delos Symposia relate to current discourses and practices on sustainable urban design and landscape urbanism?
Image copyright: Constantinos A. Doxiadis Archives, Photographs, File 34172, no. 766. © Constantinos and Emma Doxiadis Foundation