Workshop 1. Delos ideals


The first workshop took place at the University of Birmingham on March 17, 2018. The videos of four out of eight presentations – of Dimitris Philippidis, Mantha Zarmakoupi, Kostas Tsiambaos and Petros Phokaides – can be viewed at our YouTube Channel. In order to watch them follow the links of each presentation in the program of the workshop below.

Themes that were addressed include:

  1. The ways in which Doxiadis and the Delos group explored, interpreted and re-deployed ancient and vernacular precedents – including building technology and urban paradigms – in their theory and practice;
  2. Their pioneering uptake of new technologies and state-of-the-art computing into the fields of urban analysis as a tool to help forge the holistic new planning science of Ekistics;
  3. The intersections and disjunctions between their technological and social interests and visions;
  4. Their engagement with the developed and developing worlds, including Africa and Japan, in pursuing the spread and implementation of their ideals.

The aim of the workshop was to investigate the ways which the urban and environmental ideals expressed in the context of the Delos Symposia related to contemporary understandings and interpretations of history, tradition and technology.






Welcome and introduction


Dimitris Philippidis, Emeritus Professor of Urban Planning, Department of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

The past as a stage set by C. A. Doxiadis

10:25 – 11:20

Mantha Zarmakoupi, Birmingham Fellow and Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology, School of History and Cultures, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.

History as a backdrop: The appropriation of the classical past in the Delos Symposia

11:20 – 11:40

Coffee break

11:40 – 12:35

Kostas Tsiambaos, Assistant Professor in History and Theory of Architecture, Department of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

Some rhetorical aspects of the Delos Symposia

12:35 – 13:30

Alexandros-Andreas Kyrtsis, Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Theory and Sociology, School of Economics and Political Science, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

The Sociology of Ekistics and the spatial and technological dimensions of post-WWII Modernity: A note on the Delos deliberations

13:30 – 14:30


14:30 – 15:25

Ellen Shoshkes, Adjunct Professor, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University (PSU), Portland OR, USA.

The Delians and Japan/Metabolism

15:25 – 16:20

Mark Wasiuta, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Co-Director of the Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices in Architecture program, Columbia University, GSAPP, New York, USA.

Doxiadis’ Computer Drive

16:20 – 16:40


16:40 – 17:35

Petros Phokaides, Ph.D Candidate, Department of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece.

Rural development and infrastructures in Africa: Doxiadis Associates’ visions for a postcolonial world

17:35 – 18:30

Panayiota Pyla, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Global schemes of Ekistics related to tourism and development

18:30 – 19:00



The organizers of the network, Mantha Zarmakoupi and Simon Richards.